The Ultimate Body Language Guide

Power Body Language Guide

Power is usually expressed in communication as a sign of strength. This is very attractive and displays dominance.



When someone approaches, move to left, extend your arm horizontally with your palm down and be the first to do this. Firmly grab their palm, pull them in and hold their elbow with your left hand.

The horizontal arm is an unmissable signal. Your palm on top is being dominant and holding the elbow further controls them.


Touching is a symbol of power. Touching people can be threatening and is used by leaders to demonstrate power and superiority.

The handshake is of course a touch and can lead to further touching, such as the elbow grip and patting shoulders and back.



Talk with confidence and use the body beat in time with assertions. Beat with a finger, a palm or even a fist, which can be seen as rather aggressive. Emphasize and exaggerate your points, but not excessively or you will give off the wrong message.

Use pauses and breaks too. Pause in the middle of speaking and look around at everyone. If you aren’t interrupted they probably respect your power.


It’s also powerful to show that you have emotion, but only at the right times. It shows you are human and although morepowerful, still have emotions. At other times it emphasizes how you are in control. A neat trick is to bite the lower lip, as it shows both emotion and control.


When you walk, exaggerate the swinging of your arms slightly, palm down and out. Kink elbows outwards, making the body seem wider. Be careful though, too much exaggeration can come across as arrogance.

When you arewalking with others always be in front of them. When going through doors go first. If you are leaving go last (guiding others through shows dominance).


Try and be higher then others. Sit on a higher chair, stand over people, wear heels. Drive a bigger car.

Interested in learning everything there is to know about body language? Check out this complete body language guide.


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