The Ultimate Body Language Guide

Attentive Body Language Guide

When in conversation or otherwise attending to what others are saying or doing, your body sends signals to the other person that partially indicates your level of interest. Attentive body language sends a significant signal of deep interest that is flattering and likely to result in enlightening communication.


First of all a person that is paying attention has to be listening. How well they are listening depends on how much of their attention you have.

Ignoring distractions

There are many competing stimuli that demand attention in our day to day lives. If a person ignores distraction then they send strong and positive ‘I am interested in what you have to say’ signals.


Body movement often betrays distracting thoughts and feelings. When the listener is still, it signifies that their attention is with you. There may be exceptions like a person with ADD for example.

Leaning forward

When someone is interested in what you have to say it is likely they will move towards you slightly. This is so they can hear everything you have to say.

Tilted head

An attentive head may be tilted slightly forward. A head tilted to the side may indicate either curiosity or uncertainty.


An attentive person looks at the other person without taking their gaze away. They will likely blink less, almost for fear of missing something. Very often shy people will have your attention, but they won’t look you directly in the eyes.


When you want to hear more from the other person you are patient, listening until they have finished speaking and not butting in with your views. Even when you have something to say or when they pause, you still patiently seek a full understanding of them and give them space in which to complete what they have to say.

Open body

Open body language shows that you are mentally open to what they have to say.


When you reflect the other person back to them they feel affirmed and that you are aligned with them. Reflection ranges from matching body language to summarizing what they say.

Interested in learning everything there is to know about body language? Check out this complete body language guide.


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